Animoto drove me loco!

This week I explored copyright issues and learned to use Animoto to create a brief slideshow presentation on that subject. I chose Animoto because it was new to me and the videos created with it seemed quite slick and professional.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 11.01.30 PM

Copyright Animoto, 2013

However, after a very short time I realized that the free version was quite limited and the 30-second restriction on slideshows didn’t leave me much room for more than five slides. Annoyingly, the site didn’t stop me from creating more slides, they just didn’t show up in the previewed presentation.

The other major aggravation with Animoto was trying to embed the video code into a page on this WordPress blog. Despite repeated attempts the video would not show up so I eventually had to export the slideshow via YouTube and then embed their code. That worked fine but I’m not sure what was going wrong. I suspect that perhaps Animoto does not allow the video to be embedded unless you upgrade to a paid account and will only let you link the video instead. If that is the case it was not clearly stated.

Given these issues I doubt I will add Animoto to my personal learning environment, but I will try to use other presentation sites in the future to see how they compare.


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